A twist on the personalised tshirts

My lovely friend recently gave birth to baby #4 (in six years, she’s a glutton for punishment an amazing woman).  Now that she has more children than she can easily hold onto at once, she wanted something she could dress them in so that they matched and would therefore be easy to spot on trips to the park or at soft play.

The obvious thing to do would be to put the children in matching tshirts which I would have personalised for them – but being a resourceful sort and an owner of ever-growing children myself – I wanted to come up with something that would last each child longer than a few months or a year at best.

The solution – transferable personalisation.  I bought a number of tshirts in the same colour (purple – my friends favourite and pleasingly bright and unisex) and rigged up some velcro patches so that each child can wear the tshirt that best fits and stick their very own patch to the front.

I used some 2″/50mm wide sew on velcro and cut the patches to the same width. Each patch was titivated with beads/buttons/applique/embroidery to suit each child.


Once the patches were complete I hand stitched them to the velcro to create the border around the edge of each patch and to make sure that it was firmly secured.

I then machine sewed the other part of the velcro to each tshirt, et voila, interchangable tshirts.

As well as the tshirts in the picture, the set was delivered with some tshirts in other sizes with just the velcro attached, so that my friend will have no excuse for losing her children for years to come.

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One thought on “A twist on the personalised tshirts

  1. I would like to let you know that I’ve nominated you to Liebster award. More info and questions are here: http://felteddreams.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/liebster-award/
    Looking back to check your answers 🙂

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